Increasing high school students’ motivation to pursue a quality military or national service.


Informing and directing the students to pre-military training programs (Mechinot).



Forming young social leadership groups in the geographical peripheries of Israel.



Motivating the at-risk youth to replace a life of only receiving from society, to a life of giving back to society.  

How do we work

towards our goals?​

Ma'agalim creates a significant connection with Israel’s at-risk youth that leads to personal growth and development in a transformational process.


Position the at-risk youth at a better starting point for their next phase in life, by showing alternative possibilities for a meaningful life.


Coach young leaders to which others can emulate and identify.


Promote social involvement and leadership development among the at-risk youth, on both the spiritual and physical levels.

זוכה אות הנשיא למתנדב 2017​

זוכה אות הנשיא למתנדב 2017​