Ma’agalim is built from these four cornerstones that drive the transformational process:


Mentorship: One-on-one conversations

With full collaboration of the schools’ homeroom teachers and educational staff, Ma’agalim’s counselors become role models and form a deep and personal relationship with each at-risk youth through one-on-one conversations. Each counselor is given training, support and professional guidance from advisors, social workers and psychologists.


In-School Group Activities

During weekly group lessons, the Ma’agalim counselor raises important issues for discussion from the value-based curriculum constructed by the educational staff of Ma’agalim. The issues enable the students to state their positions and listen to varied opinions; to receive guidance from the counselor and from their supportive environment (the class); and to acquire tools for understanding themselves and their abilities. We also recommend that the homeroom teacher take part in the weekly lessons.


Out-of-school activities

Every year, Ma’agalim creates a program of educational extracurricular activities outside the school: conferences, inspirational seminars, visits to military bases, meetings with officers in the IDF, and trips to sites of Jewish and Zionist significance. Ma’agalim incorporates these important activities because the at-risk youth deserve to see the beauty of their country, understand and witness the history of Israel and learn their place in society. 


Partnering with the educational staff

Ma’agalim believes in a partnership with each high school’s educational staff as we all share the same educational goals. We view our counselors as mentors who work to instill the same educational values conveyed in school and as such, they cannot work alone. Our extensive experience points to the close link between full collaboration with the high school’s staff and the students’ commitment to  their education and Ma’agalim.



זוכה אות הנשיא למתנדב 2017​

זוכה אות הנשיא למתנדב 2017​